We now integrate virtual job simulations from Forage!

As we expand our external content library, we have endless opportunities to partner with more high-impact, high-quality content providers to bring you and your students a variety of resources, advice, and opportunities. We’re excited to announce that first on that list is Forage!

What is Forage?

Forage provides free virtual job simulations that ensure that graduates are more ‘work-ready’ and have the opportunity to explore new careers. Through Forage, all students have the means, regardless of their circumstances, to experience what it’s like to work at some of the biggest employers in the world like Walmart, Lyft, JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, BCG and Accenture. Our virtual job simulations empower students to build the practical skills that employers are looking for, increasing their likelihood of landing a job, and interviewing effectively.

How can you leverage Forage experiences in your uConnect dashboard?

Courses from Forage will now be available for FREE within the backend of the uConnect virtual career center. The courses can be imported from the External Experiences section. For more info on accessing that space of your dashboard and publishing content, check out our announcement. Check out this article if you’re interested in learning more on the value that Forage can add to your university career strategy!

What will the student experience look like?

Once you publish an experience from Forage, it will automatically show up on your public-facing Experiences library. (Which can be reached by adding ‘/experiences’ to the end of your uConnect homepage URL) To ensure that this experience library is accessible to your stakeholders, and to check that the experiences widget is enabled to pull in tagged experiences to your relevant communities, please reach out to support@gouconnect.com, and we’ll work to enable the widget and adjust your navigation as needed!

Once the experiences are accessible, students will be able to view a short preview of the content on uConnect. If they choose to click on any Forage experience previewed in the widget or on the experiences library, a new tab will open that will pull up the entire experience on the Forage website, and allow the student to pursue it if interested.


The experiences, designed in collaboration with the particular company and Forage, gives students a chance to ‘explore what a career would look like at their (the employer’s) firm before the internship or entry-level application process opens. Experiences take an average of five hours to complete and simulate projects or tasks that employees at a particular company would complete, allowing students to build real-life, tangible skills and truly understand what their career could look like.


By Alli Faust
Alli Faust Product Manager