Integration – Symplicity


Below, please complete the steps and include the technical information necessary to set up the Symplicity integration with uConnect.
Generating Symplicity Reports
Integrating with Symplicity requires several steps. First you need to contact Symplicity and have them enable access, they will need the following pieces of information:
  1. • Username for the API: uconnect
  2. • Email to associate with the account:
  3. • Account type: Standard Use/Long-Term
  4. • Access Requested: read access to Employers, Jobs, and Events:

Please wait to receive confirmation from Symplicity that an API key has been created for uConnect. Otherwise, the integration won't work.
Please provide the URL for your symplicity instance below.
Do you want to import curated jobs?
We have the option to skip "curated jobs" if you want to reduce the amount of data being imported.