Product Roadmap: September Recap + October Priorities

Back to school and gearing up for a great year!

The weather is getting cooler, and we’re hunkering down with some exciting development work to be released over the coming months. Before we dive into our plans for October, let’s do a quick recap of how we kicked off the fall season. 

If you have questions on anything mentioned below, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at!

September Recap

We’ve expanded our Outcome Data Visualization module to include access to the iframe embed feature!

We’ve been hard at working planning a whole host of improvements to our Outcome Data Visualization tool. Part of this review has included an in depth look at the current functionality of the module, and we’re pleased to share that we’ve streamlined support for our existing embed function, and can now offer it as an included feature of the standard module, free of charge starting on October 1st! 

Check out our Knowledge Base article to learn more, or join us on October 19th for a live webinar where we’ll dive into how you can leverage this feature, and get a sneak peak at some larger Outcomes module updates headed your way 2023! 

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We’ve expanded our Labor Market Insights module to include access to the iframe embed feature!

We believe in the importance of data and its power to impact career success. In addition to our Outcome Data Visualization module, you can now embed your Labor Market Insights data as well! Together, these two modules inform and inspire effective career exploration and set your students up for career success. Now, that experience can happen on any university website through the use of our iframe embed function!

Join us on October 19th for a live webinar where we’ll dive into how you can leverage this feature, and hear about some planned product updates for our Outcomes Data module as well!

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If you don’t currently use our Outcomes Data Module, but would like to learn more, please reach out to your dedicated Client Success Manager, or to our support team!

You can now hide featured images from appearing on your resource landing page!

You can now choose to hide the featured image from the landing page itself, to make use of the full width of the resource page. Hiding the image from the landing page will still allow it to show in the preview of the resource within your widgets and resource library!

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We continued to offer a free trial of our Candid Career integration!

If you’re not already taking advantage of our integration with Candid Career videos, you can sign up for a free trial to test out the videos on your platform from now until Dec. 31, 2022! Join the 30+ universities who’ve opted into the free trial, below!

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We’ve been working on a whole host of behind-the-scenes improvements for you, particularly as they relate to data and analytics.

We spent a good deal of September working on behind-the-scenes upgrades to our analytics capabilities to lay the groundwork for some exciting improvements to our engagement insights coming in 2023. As mentioned above, we’ve also been working on plans for significant improvements to our Outcome Data Visualization module. Stay tuned for more on both of these improvements in the coming months! 

Upcoming + Continued Priorities for October

We’re working on streamlining our branding process! 

We’re working on some behind-the-scenes features that will allow us to respond to logo, font, color, and other standard brand changes at a much quicker pace than previously possible. If you know your university is undergoing a brand transition and you’ll need a brand refresh on your uConnect virtual career center soon, let us know at and we’ll get you shortlisted for this transition!

We’re expanding the Block editor to bring even more flexibility and formatting options to your platform!

We’re upgrading our text editing tools to utilize the highly flexible Block editor technology. This upgrade allows you to format and style your content with much more control and stylistic capability, to improve your editing experience, and to build more visually engaging posts for your students and stakeholders! Right now, you can opt in to start using this upgrade on your blog contentcustom pages, and (new last month!) resources. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be working to extend the editor to your communities as well.

If you don’t currently have the block editor enabled for Custom Pages, Blogs, and Resources (or aren’t sure), and you’d like to enable it, reach out to us at! It’s completely free, and included as we work to add continuously evolving value to your virtual career center.

We’re building more embed options for our Labor Market Insights module!

With this new version of our Labor Market Insights module, you’ll now have access to an <iframe> code that will allow you to plug your Labor Market Data visualization into any webpage owned by your university. This could have a huge impact on admissions / enrollment, employer engagement, and more!

We’re working on providing you with more granular engagement data!

Yes, it’s still top of mind for us! We know it’s critical to understand how your stakeholders are engaging with your platform. What do they keep coming back to? What’s getting overlooked? What’s missing from their experience? We’re working continuing to make progress on an upgrade to our data infrastructure that would allow for more granular insights into end-user behavior on your platform. It’s a big project, but we’re so excited with the impact this will have on your ability to craft a strategy around your platform and support your students and stakeholders! Stay tuned!

By Alli Faust
Alli Faust Product Manager